Partnerships, Collaborations and Sponsorship
The Trustees of the Foundation make great efforts to create partnerships and collaborations with academic institutions, and, as a result, hope that these will encourage sponsors to be generous towards the Foundation.
These relationship help to give credibility, support, and enthusiasm to the Foundation's work and the teachers participating in the expeditions.

The Foundation has a five year partnership with the Scott Polar Research Institute of Cambridge University to create web based education materials for secondary schools.
Both the Geographical Association and The Association for Science Education collaborate with the Foundation and help with disseminating the results of the expeditions which show as well the effect the experience has on the teachers, our Fuchs Scholars.  This is done through a growing number CPD seminars at which the Fuchs Scholars give presentations.  
For FFAE2007 the Foundation had a Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Portsmouth, Human & Allied Physiology Laboratories, to advance the knowledge of human endurance in the Polar regions. There was also collaboration with the Department of Geography of Sheffield University on glaciology. 
This expdition was filmed by Teachers TV at all stages, and there was an Antarctic week in April 2008 when the various teacher programmes that resulted from the filming were broadcast on each day.
Through 2009 and 2010 relationships are being developed with the Prince's Taeching Institute and the National Space Academy, where Fuchs Scholars have participated in seminars.
The Foundation is supported significantly by Antarctic Logistic Expeditions, for which it is most grateful, as it is to all the equipment and supply companies that sponsor the expeditions in various ways.

Scott Polar Research Institute
The Scott Polar Research Institute, a part of Cambridge University, is a centre of excellence in the study of the Arctic and Antarctic. Research covers the physical and social sciences - a particular specialisation is the relationship between glaciers, ice sheets and environment change. The Institute also houses the World's premier polar library, extensive archives on the history of polar exploration, and a museum with displays of both the history and contemporary significance of the polar regions.
The Geographical Association
The Geographical Association looks forward to an active partnership with the Fuchs Foundation , and applaud the opportunities the Foundation is providing for teachers to engage in deep professional development, which has at its heart a concern for the future of Antarctica, a place of immense symbolic meaning for all mankind.
The Association for Scence Education
The Association for Scence Education looks forward to an active partnership with the Fuchs Foundation to further our joint curriculum development aims and the promotion our our shared interests in developing an appreciation in young people of the importance of Earth Science.
Space Academy is an education programme led by the National Space Centre and is designed to use the context of space and climate change as inspirational hooks for teaching STEM subjects.  The Space Academy delivers masterclasses and diploma support for students, runs teacher CPD sessions and conferences and organises careers events to bring members of the UK space industry into contact with scientists and engineers of the future

University of Portsmouth
The Environmental Science group at the University of Portsmouth, Department of Sport & Exercise Science investigate the physiological and psychological responses to adverse environments and the selection, preparation and protection of those who enter such environments. The group is very pleased to be working closely with the Fuch's Foundation to raise the knowledge and understanding of teachers and children about the Arctic regions.

Antarctic Logistics
We provide the logistic support and safety backup needed for climbing groups to Vinson Massif and Antarctica's highest peaks, expeditions to the South Pole and flights to Antarctica. A strong environmental ethic underlies ALE’s Antarctic operations. ALE managers and staff have considerable experience and a strong involvement in Antarctica. We believe in safe and sustainable tourism where expeditions and clients leave Antarctica with a greater understanding and appreciation of its natural values. We encourage a culture of environmental awareness within ALE’s staff and contractors.
Teachers TV
Teachers TV is a channel and broadband website catering for everyone who works in education, from heads to NQTs, governors to support staff.  Our programmes take you inside classrooms and schools across the country to see how good teachers are bringing the curriculum to life and improving schools.
Millgate House Education
 Millgate House Education Ltd is a small independent company, established in 1996. It has gained a national and international reputation as a source of innovative resources for teachers, high quality INSET and consultancy for schools and LEAs, as well as making a significant contribution to projects to promote public involvement in science.

Cotswold Outdoor
Cotswold Outdoor is a retailer of outdoor clothing and equipment, including waterproof jackets, baselayers, casual clothing and footwear from leading brands such as North Face, Berghaus, Salomon, Lowe Alpine and Merrell. We have huge selection of camping equipment and travel equipment including tents, sleeping bags, and rucksacks. Cotswold Outdoor also supply a large range of climbing equipment including crampons, ice axes, harnesses, karabiners, ropes and rock boots

Terra Nova
Terra Nova means 'new ground', and this is reflected in our commitment to innovation and quality. An independent company for over a decade, we have developed a name for ourselves worldwide, famous for the quality, reliability and technical expertise of our designs. At Terra Nova our aim is to continually extend our horizons and our outdoor product range in order for us to achieve our mission to be 'Best in Class'.

Braemar Mountain Sports
Braemar Mountain Sports Ltd. (BMS) is one of the UK’s leading independent retailers of outdoor equipment and clothing. Born out of a love for backcountry skiing we specialise in free-heel skiing equipment and accessories in winter. In summer we're all involved in a variety of outdoor activities, including mountain biking, fishing, kayaking, hillwalking, climbing and surfing.

Peter Hutchinson Designs
Peter Hutchinson Designs is one of the world’s premier designers and manufacturers of mountain software. Over 40 years designing for extreme high altitude and polar ventures lies behind this wide range of products for the mountain enthusiast. This small personal company matches lively innovation with unparalleled experience.

Peter Welton
Peter Welton, artist, commissioned by the Queen in 1992, read fine art at Durham University. His many prestigious public commissions include Wimbledon Tennis Tournament poster 1997, London Transport poster in 1999, Volkswagen UK 2004/5 and covers for national magazines. He is also Emeritus Professor of Fine Art at De Montfort University, Leicester. The watercolour 'Antarctic Camp' was commissioned by the Foundation which will benefit from the sale of numbered prints.

Rave Communications
Rave is a full service marketing agency based in Birmingham that combines strategic insight, creative excellence and a passion for client service. Our hard-hitting ideas grab attention and help bring real impact to your communications and your business. The skills of the team at Rave have been utilised to create award-winning campaigns for a broad range of clients, from Carlsberg, DHL and Cadbury, to Nationwide Autocentres, Birmingham City Council and Coventry University.

The Weetabix Food Company
The Weetabix Food Company has created breakfast cereals since 1932 including Alpen, Weetaflakes, Ready Brek, Weetabix Minis and Weetos and our best-known cereal, Weetabix, which is officially the UK's favourite breakfast. Many of the cereals are made with natural wholegrains which provide a valuable source of essential vitamins and minerals ensuring that you get the nutritional value of every part of the grain that your body needs to stay healthy - and the energy to  keep you going until lunchtime.

Marks and Spencer
M&S is one of the UK's leading retailers; it employs over 75,000 people and receives 15.8 million visitors to its 520 stores each week. In January 2007, M&S launched Plan A, a 5-year, 100-point 'eco-plan' that aims to tackle some of the biggest challenges faced by the business. Under Plan A, by 2012, M&S aims to become carbon neutral, send no waste to landfill, extend sustainable sourcing, set new standards in ethical trading and help customers and employees lead healthier lifestyles.
Best Foot Forward
Best Foot Forward are one of Europe's leading sustainability consultancies specialising in ecological and carbon footprinting. The impacts of climate change and need for carbon reductions are becoming increasingly clear, and Best Foot Forward provide a range of tools and services for carbon accounting.
Expedition Foods
FCEF have now been used all over the world, from the North to the South Pole. From the Oceans of the world to the top of Everest, and even in the sky itself on balloon flights, including a trip over the North Pole. FCEFs were also used by the team of the Brietling Orbiter Balloon which was eventually to be the first to circumnavigate the globe. Used by Tony Bullimore & Mike Garside - Round the World Sailors. Our foods have been tested in the most exacting of conditions and found to be up to the job. We now fly out food to many parts of the globe for exacting expeditions in hostile climates.

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