Fuchs Scholars

Fuchs Scholars have undertaken to act as Ambassadors for the Foundation for a period of two years to share their experiences and promote the dissemination of their own teaching materials.  In the first six months after their return the team have spoken to audiences totalling around 6000 people, mostly students and teachers.
The record below will be updated from time to time.
Greenland 2009
Danny Golding
Helena Nunan
Nicola Rowland 
Andy Stephenson 
Antarctic 2007
Phil Avery
‘With today’s crevasse count well into the 100s I would definitely put skis as one of my top three pieces of kit; they keep you safe and, when you get a bit of a downhill, they’re great fun. My other two top kit items would be my plastic spork, across between and spoon and a fork;…. and my down booties which keep my feet warm in the tent.’- 28th November 2007
Ruth Hollinger
‘On a couple of occasions Carl said “Ruth!”, I said “What?” and he said “We are walking across Antarctica” and it was then that I had to ask myself which is the reality – home or Antarctica? It sometimes feels like I’m living in a dream here.’ -  7th December 2007
Ian Richardson
‘At times I find it hard to believe I ever went to Antarctica but every 
time I give a talk, the interest of my audience gets me all fired up 
again and the memories rush back!’ – May 2008
Amy Rogers
'I've initiated a pupil expedition at school as a result of the Antarctic expedition. The most common question I had was 'Why did you get to go and I had to stay behind?' As a result, I am planning a scientific expedition to 'Arctic-Iceland' for 18 pupils. It will run on a similar format to the Antarctic expedition. Pupils will carry out four science projects and feedback results via a web-blog. The results they obtain will be written into the scheme of work and used in future lessons. There will be a challenging trek component and pupils have to raise £2000 each to take part. They will be responsible for organising the fundraising and once they get to Iceland they will be given the responsibility of buying food and arranging accommodation themselves.’
– May 2008

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