Other Snow Stories

16 degrees below!  No, not in Aviemore but in the Antarctic.  Four teachers on the second expedition supported by the Fuchs Foundation have escaped the British weather to enjoy the sparkling sunshine of 16 degrees below as they travel to the Ellsworth Mountains to carry out scientific experiments and teach their students through distance learning by email and blogs on www.fuchsfoundation.org.

The team was delayed in Punta Arenas by, guess what, bad weather!    Because of too much snow on the runway, close to the Union Glacier base, no plane with wheels could land safely.  Sounds familiar!   We hope that when they try to return to South America and Britain that the weather does not play tricks with them again.   Or will Heathrow be closed this time?

Lisa Wood of Kaizen Primary School, Newham, said ‘The first leg of our journey in the Ellsworth Mountains involved crossing the Union Glacier, towards the Buchanan Hills which we hope to reach tomorrow.  What immediately strikes you is how bright everything is, covered in snow, set against a stunning blue sky and 24 hour sunlight.  It is hard to imagine anywhere so beautiful or so pristine’.   Something we can emphasise with whilst we forget the frustration of the disruption of our traffic plans.

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